About PPRC

Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) is a fully bilingual, Canadian-owned rehabilitation company. Our headquarters are centrally located in downtown Ottawa, Canada, with convenient access to OC Transpo right outside our doors. Committed to providing top-quality customer service, we also travel across Canada to perform functional and ergonomic assessments on a mobile basis.

Since May 1994, we have been providing assessment, adjustment to disability, and vocational rehabilitation services to people with disabilities looking to enter or reenter the workforce. As an approved service provider for the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD), Integrated Employment Service Delivery (IESD), we have been helping clients in Ottawa and the surrounding areas with employment planning and work placements for over 29 years.

Performance Plus Rehabilitive Care team members talking around a boardroom table.

We have a network of employers who are willing and able to assist persons who experience an injury, disability, or who are disadvantaged to reintegrate into the workforce. The PPRC team helps our clients maintain their dignity by treating them with respect and honouring their privacy. Our proven methodology successfully identifies ideal employment matches for our clients that will result in productive relationships for both employers and employees.

Our highly trained, experienced, and caring staff in our team provide employment assistance that will have an impact over the long-term. Our services include employment planning, disability awareness and etiquette training, career coaching, and transition services to professionals reentering the workforce.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide innovative and customized return to work solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients in Ottawa and across Canada. Our commitment to service excellence is founded on a caring approach and supported by a high degree of professionalism and advanced technology. We’re known for our positive environment and enthusiasm while providing life-changing disability management and rehabilitation services.

PPRC is committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients. We want each and every client to be delighted with our services and ensure that the transition back to work is a positive one.

Our objective is a win-win outcome for all parties: the employers who operate and manage a business or organization, and the aspiring employees with disabilities looking to return to work or start a career. Motivated individuals find employment that builds their confidence and provides practical experience. Employers save time and money knowing that they do not have to recruit and train new staff, and they receive the satisfaction of helping to change someone’s life for the better.

To learn more about our employment planning, career coaching, and counseling services, please click here to contact us.

Our Team

The team at Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. is led by our Founder and National Account Manager, Linda Simpson. Linda is a Canadian Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor (CCRC) and is a current Director of the Ontario Disability Employment Network (ODEN). She has more than 29 years of experience as an entrepreneur, owner, and business manager – a perspective that allows her to blend business and rehabilitation together for the mutual benefit of her clients, both employee and employer.

The Ontario PPRC team is made up of Linda and other professionals, all completely certified in their specialties and continuously trained in the latest developments in their fields. PPRC has the proven experience and credibility to service your vocational rehabilitation needs so you can return to work or even start your own business. We also provide you with fully bilingual client services.

Our team is extremely knowledgeable, with a variety of educational backgrounds and specialty training. We also have a great deal of lived disability experiences with over 72% who self identify as having a disability. This combination of knowledge and experience enables us to develop the best solutions for our clients.

Our team members have degrees and diplomas in areas such as social work, kinesiology and business. Our specialists get people back to work quickly and safely.

As a certified provider, PPRC is part of a national and international network. We have alliances with other service providers across Canada and in other countries who can assist your employees throughout the world.

Our Network

PPRC is not an employment or job placement agency, instead, we specialize in helping job seekers who live with disabilities to establish a career goal and acquire paid employment. Our Job Placement Programs are offered in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD), Integrated Employment Service Delivery (IESD). We offer a free job matching service to employers who operate and manage a registered business.

Due to our success in establishing ideal employment matches and coordinating successful job placements to satisfy working relationships, we have established a strong network of employers and community-based organizations. These organizations have partnered with PPRC again and again to acquire motivated, reliable, and dependable workers. Our network of employers is made up or organizations that trust in PPRC’s rehabilitation services and are willing and able to assist persons living with a disability to reintegrate into the workforce. Our network ensures that we have the ability to help our clients reach their career and job placement goals as quickly as possible.

Careers & Practicums

As PPRC is a growing company, we are always looking for professional, caring individuals to join our highly trained, bilingual hybrid team. If you are passionate about providing disability management services and support, please click here to contact us today.

PPRC is committed to supporting students in our field. Each year, we provide valuable practicum placements and experience to one or two post-secondary students. We typically look for students enrolled in social science or health science-related fields with experience working or living with disabilities. If you are passionate about providing vocational rehabilitation services and support and would like more information on our practicums, please click here to contact us today.


Q: What is the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)?

A: The Ontario Disability Support Program is a government program designed to meet the unique needs of people living with disabilities who are in financial need, or who want to work and need support. For more information, please click here to visit their website at http://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/talent.

Q:  Does the Ontario Disability Support Program provide financial assistance for businesses that employ people with disabilities?

A:  No. The Ontario Disability Support Program does not provide financial assistance to employers. However, the program does offer a number of benefits to people living with disabilities in financial need to help them transition into the workplace. Benefits include: help with childcare costs, transportation, safety clothing and disability-related work expenses.

PPRC offers a free service to employers who operate and manage a registered business. We offer free recruitment and onboarding, along with accommodation planning and job coaching to help support the employer.

Q: How are people referred to PPRC?

A: People may be referred to us by their rehabilitation case worker, chiropractor, doctor, nurse, employer, lawyer, insurance company, or they may find us themselves.

Q: What if I do not live in the area?

A: Not to worry. PPRC can recommend an employment service provider in your area. If you are looking for functional or ergonomic assessments, PPRC has a network of providers across Canada.

Q: What is involved in your client process?

A: Our entire job placement process or typical relationship with a client is approximately four years. This length of time includes the employment planning stage, 13 weeks of employment, and a 33-month follow-up period in which we provide ongoing support.

Here is a summary of our typical process:

  • Conduct in-take interview and discuss work history, interests, education, medical history, and disability adjustment issues;
  • Identify the client’s employment goal, one that is realistic and available in the market;
  • Provide job coaching and training support with the client as required (may include funding for them to upgrade their skills);
  • Search for jobs with the client’s collaboration;
  • Place the client with an employer;
  • Follow-up with the client and employer to ensure everything is going well;
  • Provide follow-up post-placement counseling as required.