The verb amplify means to crank up the volume. Speakers amplify, or raise, the volume of the noise coming through a microphone so that everyone at the rock show can hear.

I feel like my career can probably be defined as a rock show for sure! Sometimes it’s up sometimes it’s down. In the melody when I think about this vision board, I tried to envision what I want my career to mean to me. I want my career to mean freedom, to be able to have the type of life I hope to have. A life of travel and seeing the ocean, financial security, and the ability to be able to provide a house for my children.

As a two-time cancer survivor and single mom, my dreams seemed almost impossible. But building my career has allowed me to be like a phoenix and rise from the ashes. I gained experience when going to school and believing in a career allowed me to have the type of life I wanted.

A career is important to me because it meant I was connected to the community. It meant being surrounded by people who were trying to accomplish the same goal as I was. Being valued and belonging to something greater than oneself, goes a long way toward positive mental health and well-being.

At every point in life, the ability to amplify one circumstance or choice can be a fork in the road. It takes bravery and courage and a little support along the way. Vision boards can help anyone, if they build it, it will come… all your dreams can come true. You just need to amplify your drive to reflect your wants and needs. Don’t get me wrong, there are many times I struggled, felt hopeless, and fell. It was in those moments that I had to rely on the vision board in my mind and what I wanted for myself. Linda Simpson a mentor of mine likes to say we’re the captain of our own ship and that is an excellent mantra to aspire to.

The vision board in my mind helps me to always get back behind the wheel of my own ship, to never give up on myself. I believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way. There is something very powerful about imagery. It can keep you on course. It can be as simple as one picture or word, it doesn’t have to be complicated. A vision board can amplify how you are feeling and the goals that you want to achieve. It will serve as a small reminder to you to be brave and take a step. Whatever your dream is to you, Get behind your wheel. If you build it, your dream will come.

Andria Barry BA, SSW, RRP