PPRC assists both public and private sector employers find reliable employees at no cost to them. We match your needs with a pool of candidates who are reliable, dependable, and motivated to work. We apply our “Ability” employment process to ensure that the matches we make between employer and employee result in success for everyone involved.

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We also provide the following services to employers:

PPRC offers disability adjustment and vocational rehabilitation services in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD), Integrated Employment Services Delivery (IESD). Please click here to contact us to learn more about how we help employers.

Placement Support

PPRC is committed to continuous support for their clients as well as with the placement employers. PPRC provides follow-up placement support, including accommodation support, intervention services, and disability awareness and confidence training to ensure that all parties are set for success.

Accomodation Support

As an employer who is looking to hire the most qualified individual, you will want to look at the largest pool of candidates available – this will include people living with disabilities. There are a large number of highly educated, motivated, and reliable individuals who would make productive employees but are often overlooked during the recruitment process due to their disabilities. With accommodation support, these individuals can be successfully integrated into your workforce – often with little to no cost.

Accommodation support is a requirement, not an option. As an employer, it is your duty to provide accommodation to those with disabilities, according to the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s Employment Equity Act (click here to review the Act).

At PPRC, we can assist public organizations and private sector companies of all sizes with accommodation support. By providing advice, consultations, and assessment services, we can help companies comply with their legal duty to accommodate.

Workplace Assessments

Occupational health and safety should be a top priority for employers. PPRC provides functional and ergonomic workplace assessments to employers looking to ensure that their facilities are safe and that they are accommodating individuals with disabilities to the best of their abilities.

Our workplace assessments are based on standardized scientific measures. To learn more about our workplace assessments, please click here to contact us today.

Disability Awareness and Etiquette Training

Joel provided the Royal Canadian Mint with solid content and was a very compelling speaker. We were very pleased with the outcome – 94 participants and great dialogue. Our senior leaders and attendees clearly thought it was a successful event thanks to Joel’s lead and insights. More success to come as we welcome people with disabilities to our company and help our existing people facing barriers to feel comfortable in having conversations about what they need to succeed.

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