The MentorAbility program is about researching your career path and determining if, “What you think you want to do is actually what you really want to do.” MentorAbility matches clients with opportunities to compare the career path identified and to gain the work experience. PPRC matches client Protégés with Employer Mentors.

Steve Brezynyski of SLB Carpentry has operated his business for twenty years. He was looking for carpenters when he was approached about mentoring Kate. Kate had some experience in carpentry and was looking for an opportunity within a smaller company. The two spent a day working together on a demolition project for a renovation. Kate said she worked hard and found the experience rewarding. Steve made her comfortable and she appreciated his advice. Disclosing your disability is a personal choice that is optional within the MentorAbility program, Kate said the employer made it easy for her to disclose.

Steve liked the program and said it was a good way for him to introduce people to the trades and to dispel common misconceptions. He found Kate to be keen and willing to learn, he commented the time spent together should be longer. “There is so much to learn” said Steve, “especially if you are deciding if the career is right for you.”

Kate knew she liked carpentry but she wanted to be sure it was right for her. She joined the mentoring program to help make those decisions. Kate encourages other protégés to seek a match early in their career so that they can determine if this is the right career path for them.

Steve recommends the MentorAbility program to other employers, “finding good help is hard especially in the trades, this program allows me to network with potential candidates and it encourages a career choice, a win – win for both.”

If you are interested in the MentorAbility Program either as a client or an employer, contact PPRC at 613-748-3220, or via email at