Travis Richards chose Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) as his service provider and joined the MentorAbility Program as a protégé. Travis is from the Barry’s Bay and operates his own company, Travis Richards Office (TRO). Travis’ business interest is social media and he provides marketing services in Renfrew County.
PPRC is a partner within the MentorAbility Program, the goal is to match a protégé (Entrepreneur who has an interest in a specific business area) with an experienced mentor (Business owner) in the field who is willing to provide additional knowledge and expertise.
Travis was matched to Lisa Strangway the owner, marketing strategist, and social media maven behind The Marketing Station.

I enjoyed connecting with an experienced and talented mentor, who was able to share her business knowledge of social media. Lisa showed me ways to improve my business while serving current clients.

Travis Richards

Travis remarked: “I feel empowered to do what I do with passion and integrity. I admire her business and this gives me knowledge to grow mine.”
Speaking about the MentorAbility experience Lisa explains, “Meeting another entrepreneur who is starting a business similar to mine and talking to someone so enthusiastic about the industry was interesting. This was the perfect match. Travis and I can relate, especially on how fast things change in social media. I enjoy helping people and that is very fulfilling for me.”
Travis and Lisa both had positive experiences through MentorAbility and they encourage others to join.