How much courage does it take to pick up your life and move it to the unknown?  I wonder, would I have the courage of the people who leave their homelands and move to new worlds to find a better life.   Throw in the fact that you identify as living with a disability, and while you are at it, add that you are moving to a country where you will also need to learn a second language.  Would I have that courage, would you?

I would like you to meet Deka Mohamad Dahir, she has that courage, and she emigrated to Canada from Somalia, moved to Ottawa.  Human nature tells us to address our most basic needs; Shelter, security, and an ability to provide for yourself.  In the summer of 2022 Deka entered the Ontario Disability Supports Program (ODSP) and was given a list of vocational service providers to assist her in finding employment. Deka selected Performance Plus Rehabilitative Care Inc. (PPRC) as her bilingual vocational service provider.    She began working with Tanja Skanes, a PPRC rehabilitation consultant, and she quickly entered the employability program with PPRC.  She expressed an interest in doing home care services and she was introduced to Gaye Moffat the founder and CEO of GEM Health Care Services.

GEM Health Care Services provides home care services to persons who want to be able to stay in their homes but need assistance for the daily activities.  Deka performs services of light cleaning, housekeeping, food preparation and sometimes grocery shopping.  She works an average of 30 hours per week, and according to her supervisor she is doing well.

“Deka is doing a great job, she is a key person in allowing our clients to remain independent and to stay in their homes,” says Charlene Baldeau, City of Ottawa Case Coordinator, GEM Health Care Services.

“We are looking for people who are self-motivated, reliable and provide great customer service.  Deka has demonstrated all these skills,” states Gaye Moffat

Deka is very pleased with her employment and the career services she has received.  “It all happened pretty fast for me, I entered the program in August 2022, and I was working at GEM in September, working with PPRC was great.  They were supportive and helped me focus my job goal, GEM has been very supportive, and I have grown in the job.”

Deka would recommend working with PPRC for anyone who identifies as living with a disability and needs assistance in finding sustainable work.  She also loves her new career as a home support worker and says it is a rewarding field working with GEM Healthcare.

“I thank you very much and now that I am working my children are taking responsibility to help at home. My work has given me confidence that I can do something positive with my life. This provides me the motivation to continue to have a strong work ethic.”

If you are an employer looking for reliable talent or a person who needs assistance crystalizing your career path and reentering the world of work, call PPRC at 1-613-748-3220 or  Visit us on our website to learn more.